Sunday, January 30, 2011

Interested Using Method Of Scarves

Today I will share something interested with everyone.
In the last days I've introduce so many wearing method of scarves.But now I will introduce some funny thing.
Do you know the scarves can also be the home accessory?
Let's watch at this one.

In the study room.On the bookshelf,besides the books you can use bottles to decorate your study room. Just like the photos owner. Put a beatiful blue scarf into the glass bottle. It will make the room become intellectuality,geniality and softly.

And this one.

Maybe you have been boring with the cartoon or flower curtain. You can reference this collocation. The house owner use the scarf to be a curtain buckle.  White curtain with blue scarf. Perfect collocation.


  1. It never crossed my mind to put scarf in a bottle and use it as decoration. It's look pretty, and it's very creative.

  2. Thanks for the contact on MyBlogLog. Although fashion is not my strength,I've worked with clients for whom it is. I also love photographing beautiful things, like gardens, nature, and buildings. I enjoyed seeing Looking at your suggestions for uses of scarfs through your eyes. In particular, I enjoyed your unusual way to add color to a bookshelf.

  3. Nice and good idea that you shared.

  4. @Con Artist Trickster Thanks for your comment! I will do better!

  5. @johnaberle Really? I like the scarves bookshelf use!

  6. @ Jonaflormicfren I like your blog very much!!!

  7. It's really is a nice idea to put scarf on curtains. the curtains look more exciting and elegant