Sunday, January 23, 2011

Super Star's Favorate Wearings In Winter

Last time I've said that I will talk some interested things.
And today let's talk about the super stars.
First one is Dakota Fanning.Maybe most of us first met her is in the War of the Worlds.At
that time she is only a little girl.Just 10 years old. But now she has been a beautiful
teenage fashional girl. A lot of teenage girls always imitate themselves like her.
Let's talk about this look.

It's her winter look. It's a normal winter street look. Dark
wearings with a light scarf. That's a success style. Makes her temperament.

The next one is Hilary Duff. We first saw her is Lizzie McGuire. About 10 years ago, Lizzie McGuire is the most popular teenage pop star. As same as now the Hannah Montana. Now the little girl has became a beautiful lady. She was married with Mike Comrie(ice hockey athlete). Now she has been a happiness wife.
The next one is her new street look.

A widely scarf matches a coat. Basic wearing but beautiful and warm.


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  2. hey lucy all superstar always looking better in any type of clothes.....but u should post here photos of simple girls.... and the another benefit of this that your blog is look something diffrent from other blog...and if u could not find any girl for that.... u also look like fashion girl then why u nt trying every clothes on u and post here yours photo....

  3. @suraj Thanks for your great suggestion!!! Since I work in US, but our silk factory is in China. So I cannot try everything on myself in fact. But I will keep your suggestion in mind! Thanks again, suraj!