Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gossip Girl:Queen B with her beautiful scarves!

Last time we have saw some scarves in gossip girl. And we also have introduce the collocations of the gossip girl should love to choose.
This time I will continue to introduce the scarves good using methods.
But today we have to focus on Queen B.Blair Waldorf,The Upper East Side teenagers' queen.The daughter of a famous designer. She loves clothes and accessories. So the scarf is her good partner.
First let's watch at this one.
This is ocured at the season 4's beginning.Blair and Serena were spend their holiday in Paris.Let's focus on B's wearing. A flower short dress and on the waist she used a scarf instead of a belt. That makes her more tender and sweety.
So, girls, you can use a beautiful scarf instead of the belt.Maybe you will get some surprises.

And the second picture is a winter look.

A green cloak matches a black scarf with white point. The green cloak can makes her looks warm. And the white point scarf can make it more cute and sweety. So in the winter warm color and sweet scarf can make everybody feels warm. That's an appropriate wearing. Choosing this method to use your scarf. Maybe you can receive a lot of approval.

Next time I will continue to introduce Queen B's scarf. Because she is the one who use it at most. If you are S or J's fan, don't worry, when I finished introduce B I will try my best to find their picture with scarf. But I guess maybe S like the simple wearing more than use accessories.

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