Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Party Animals Are All Like It : The Scarf

Do you like to be a shining star at a party?So these are some good suggestions for you!
When you are join in a masquerade,you can use scarf to match your good look.Such as a golden scarf with your shining look .The colors makes you just like a princess.

And when the barbecue party's time. You can choose a square scarf to be the headkerchief.When the beach party time.You can choose a big one.Becuse the night of the beach is so cold.With the scarf you can be warmed and beautiful.

So the scarf is a very good accessories for the party animal.Maybe you can be a party queen at the party!
Are you ready to be the party queen?Would you like to be the party queen?Let's go to choose a scarf first!

Scarf should be The Best Gift for Your Girlfriend for the New Year

It should be The Best Gift for Your Girlfriend for the New Year
Have you prepared the gift for your girlfriend? New Year's Eve is a important day in a year. It's a day means an old year is gone and the new year is coming soon. You can send the gift  to your girlfriend to celebrate the coming year and it maybe a new good start.And which is the perfect gift for your girlfriend? The followings are some suggestions for you.
Some girls may like clothes, cosmetics and jewelry. You can give your girlfriend the fashion clothes, such as skirts, shoes and jeans. However, most of them are too expensive for some white collars. Most of the boys don't know how to choose the clothes for girls. As a result, the girls are usually dissatisfied with the boy's gifts. Although each girl likes the jewelry, it is very expensive. Some boys can not afford it. According to your wealth, you can decide whether to buy the jewelry for your girlfriend. In fact, the scarf is also a better gift for girls. The girls all like the scarf, and they need the scarf in winter. You can give her a beautiful scarf.

The scarf can make her feels warm. And then whenever your girlfriend uses the scarf she will think about you. Because you give her the gift and you make her feels warm. So if you love her, you may send her a scarf. And then you and your girlfriend will have a nice New Year.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

A brief history on Chinese silk(2)

Silk production peaked during the Han Dynasty when the manufactured goods were transported as far away as Rome from Chang'an (today's Xian). The overland trade route was to become famously known as the Silk Road. However, there was also a Marine Silk Road extending from Xuwen, Guangdong or Hepu, Guangxi to Vietnam. An outward bound voyage lasting five months would arrive in Vietnam; it would take another four months to reach Thailand; while a further twenty days would carry the merchants on to Burma. Two months later they would arrive in India and Sri Lanka, from where the silk would be eventually transported to Rome via the Mediterranean. After such a long journey, the price of silk was equivalent to that of gold. Legendary as it seems, tender silk connected China to the rest of the world.

During subsequent dynasties, professional designers created novel patterns and improved the machines.

The Marine Silk Road took supremacy over the land Silk Road following the Song Dynasty extending the trade to Southeast Asia which became fully developed in the Yuan Dynasty. Besides Chinese exports, foreign businessmen also came to China to buy silk and china wares.

During the Ming and Qing Dynasties silk was transported to Europe and America from Manila and this meant that China dominated the world's silk market until 1908.

Chinese characters including the component "silk" have the intonation of silk or its implication of fine and deep. The richness of color, texture, strength and beauty of silk make it the means to imply something is fine and impeccable. A woman's raven hair is referred to as 'black silk' ; tender feelings are 'feelings of silk' and the Chinese word for a lingering and emotive feeling contains the component of "silk", and even a flavor can be silky and smooth.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A brief history on Chinese silk(1)

"A silkworm spins all its silk till its death and a candle won't stop its tears until it is fully burnt." This Tang poem accurately describes the property of the silkworm. Despite technological development, a silkworm can only produce a certain amount of silk---1000 meters (3280feet) in its lifespan of 28 days. The rarity of the raw material is the deciding factor of both the value and the mystery of silk.

Legend has it that in ancient times, Lei Zu, the wife of Huang Di , taught people how to raise silkworms and how to extract the silk.

The Warring States Period, the beginning of feudalist society in Chinese history, witnessed a prosperous time. The development of productivity popularized silk and it was no longer a luxury just for aristocrats. The pattern, weaving, embroidery and dyeing skills were all improved as they were influenced by the free ideology of the time, while the silk designs had sense of a free and bold air about them.

The silk products excavated from Mawangdui Han Tomb are proof of the advanced skill and artistry of silk at this time.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I really like the silk scarves bought from

A scarf is a piece of fabric which may be any shape. The fabric will not have been cut and joined or shaped like a piece of clothing.
Scarves are an addition to clothes and can be used purely for decoration. They can be used to add colour or pattern to an outfit, or more practically to cover exposed skin.
Cultures have devised their own ways to use fabric without the need to sew and construct. The Roman toga, an Indian sari or turban are ways to use fabric as it comes off the loom. They are all forms of a scarf.
In the western society, scarves are usually worn by women, the mans tie fulfilling the decorative purpose for that sex. You can see women tie or wrap scarves on nearly every part of the body to either flatter, enhance, hide or disguise.
The size of scarves varies from smaller scarves that can be woven through the hair, to larger scarves being tied as a sarong skirt. There are endless ways to use scarves.
The choice of a scarf is a personal thing. Attention needs to be paid to a colour which you know will flatter your skin and eye colour.
Your scarf collection will be built up covering different shapes, colours and fabrics. A selection of neutrals is a good base, and some brilliantly colourful designs add zest and life to monochrome outfits.
Silk scarves are an important part of any women’s scarf collection. They are beautiful to wear and upgrade any outfit!

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