Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gossip Girls with scarves XOXO!

Last time I've said that I will introduce some collocations in the popular teenage drama
Gossip Girl.
Now let's talk about this.
Do you remember the time we first met Serena Van Der Woodsen? I think everybody should
remember this. What a beatiful girl with blonde! And at that moment Dan Humphery met the
girl he always dreamed about. But do you also remember Serena's dress?
I think maybe you have fogot it. Now you can back to see her dress.

That's a basic wearing. But when you look carefully you will find that she matched her
basic wearing with a golden scarf. Except the scarf maybe you will thought the wearing was
so cool. But matched it with a scarf. A beautiful woman's feeling comes out.
So we can saw this. When you'd love to wear a cool dress you can choice a bright scarf to
match your dress. That will make you looks more feminine.

Above all is about Serena's beautiful look.And then let's talk about another female role
Queen B —— The beautiful Blair Waldorf.
All the gossip girls' fans must know that Blair love headbands.We can saw the headbands
almostly every episode.Have you found that some of the headbands was made by scarves.
It was the Scotland Nobility School Look.Let's see the red plaid headband.That's a
scarf.And it matched the dress so good. So we can feel that there is a beautiful school
queen. That's a suggestion for all the teenage girls. When you'd love to put something on your head and you do not have a headband.Don't worry.The scarf also can resolve it.
Next time I will continue to introduce the Gossip Girl with the scarves.Please continue to pay attention on me.XOXO!Gossip Girl!


  1. Nice blog you got right here...
    So feminine. ;-)

  2. Silk is a beautiful dream for good-looking women. Audrey Hepburn said: when I tie the scarf. I have never feel so much that I am a woman, a beautiful woman.

  3. yes, I think dress up is big factor to show off oneself. I like your these post.

  4. @Philipinoy, @suraj, @Yusuf Thanks for your comments here

  5. You are completely right, silk scarf or any type of scarf can be used as a headband, a scarf, like decoration with your purse, like a belt or decoration with your belt. Of course, the color combination is important in order for the scarf to shine! Great blog, I enjoy it. Regards, Terrans