Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Beautiful Home With Beatiful Scarves PartII

Last time we've shared something about the scarves special method in homelife. And this time let's continue to talk about this.

Do you have a simple floor lamp or desk lamp? Do you think it is monotonous and sometimes
maybe you want to throw it? If you really want to throw it, I hope you don't do that. No
matter how, it has accompanied with you for years. If you throw it you will be regreted.
Now let's look at this photo.

The lady who own this lamp put a beautiful scarf on the lamp.
The lamp's color maybe single but with this scarf it immediately got new feeling.
PS: Don't forget to choose the color which is match your house's main color.
How did you always do with your white wall? Graffiti or super stars' posters or paintings?

Have you ever thought about that use scarf to instead of them?
Now let's watch this one.

Put the scarf into the picture frames and then put the scarf
picture onto the wall. Do you think it is a beautiful and smart idea?
Next time I will continue to introduce some simple house using method. Don't forget to
touch me please!
See ya.


  1. Wow, we like the framed scarves.. it makes the room pop!

  2. Thanks, Dinabella~ I like the scarves, too.