Sunday, January 30, 2011

Interested Using Method Of Scarves

Today I will share something interested with everyone.
In the last days I've introduce so many wearing method of scarves.But now I will introduce some funny thing.
Do you know the scarves can also be the home accessory?
Let's watch at this one.

In the study room.On the bookshelf,besides the books you can use bottles to decorate your study room. Just like the photos owner. Put a beatiful blue scarf into the glass bottle. It will make the room become intellectuality,geniality and softly.

And this one.

Maybe you have been boring with the cartoon or flower curtain. You can reference this collocation. The house owner use the scarf to be a curtain buckle.  White curtain with blue scarf. Perfect collocation.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Fashion Show With Scarves

After the super stars' scarf show. Let's talk about the fashion show's models.Models always be the fashion pioneer. So if you follow their steps. You will never been oudated.
Let's appreciate some models scarf show.
In this season scarf has been the most popular single product. So how do the models use it match their wearing? This is a blue scarf look. Originally gray sweater with a black
leggings maybe make somebody boring. But the scarf make this wearing differently and
Next is the most popular colors group. Black and gray. No matter how to use this two
colors. You'll never be wrong.

This girl use it as a shawl. The golden look seems to be a highlight.

Do you like this? No matter what you will say. I'm gonna say that I love all the styles.
Especially the golden one.
No matter I use it for a shawl or just a scarf it also can make someone's look brightly.

Super Star's Favorate Wearings In Winter

Last time I've said that I will talk some interested things.
And today let's talk about the super stars.
First one is Dakota Fanning.Maybe most of us first met her is in the War of the Worlds.At
that time she is only a little girl.Just 10 years old. But now she has been a beautiful
teenage fashional girl. A lot of teenage girls always imitate themselves like her.
Let's talk about this look.

It's her winter look. It's a normal winter street look. Dark
wearings with a light scarf. That's a success style. Makes her temperament.

The next one is Hilary Duff. We first saw her is Lizzie McGuire. About 10 years ago, Lizzie McGuire is the most popular teenage pop star. As same as now the Hannah Montana. Now the little girl has became a beautiful lady. She was married with Mike Comrie(ice hockey athlete). Now she has been a happiness wife.
The next one is her new street look.

A widely scarf matches a coat. Basic wearing but beautiful and warm.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Queen B's Normal Life Style Of Scarf

Last time we have said some scarves of Queen B's.This time we will continue to talk about Queen B's normal life style.
Warm Winter Look

Queen B always dress brightly suit. The brightly color makes her looks like the sunshine. And with her beautiful smile everybody will loves her so much.

This look is also a brightly style. Bright yellow long coat look. Do you think that in the winter street this color will make people feels warm? So the brightly style is a good choice in the winter. And then we pay attention to the brown flowers scarf. Brown is a good partner to the yellow. So they match with each other very well. And then the effect will be good too.

This one is a leisure style. A leisure dress with a sun hat. Maybe Queen B wants to be a medieval lady.

This wearing's color is gloomy. But she use a green scarf to matches her wearing. Then the leisure look has a center visual point. So it looks very suitable. And the medieval feeling is much more than not use scarf. So if you want to make a medieval look. Don't forget to tie a scarf. It'll makes you just like a beautiful medieval lady.

Have you been tired about the scarves using method?If your answer is yes, then I have to say sorry to you. Next time I will take some interested topic to discuss with you.
Please don't leave attention from me.XOXO.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gossip Girl:Queen B with her beautiful scarves!

Last time we have saw some scarves in gossip girl. And we also have introduce the collocations of the gossip girl should love to choose.
This time I will continue to introduce the scarves good using methods.
But today we have to focus on Queen B.Blair Waldorf,The Upper East Side teenagers' queen.The daughter of a famous designer. She loves clothes and accessories. So the scarf is her good partner.
First let's watch at this one.
This is ocured at the season 4's beginning.Blair and Serena were spend their holiday in Paris.Let's focus on B's wearing. A flower short dress and on the waist she used a scarf instead of a belt. That makes her more tender and sweety.
So, girls, you can use a beautiful scarf instead of the belt.Maybe you will get some surprises.

And the second picture is a winter look.

A green cloak matches a black scarf with white point. The green cloak can makes her looks warm. And the white point scarf can make it more cute and sweety. So in the winter warm color and sweet scarf can make everybody feels warm. That's an appropriate wearing. Choosing this method to use your scarf. Maybe you can receive a lot of approval.

Next time I will continue to introduce Queen B's scarf. Because she is the one who use it at most. If you are S or J's fan, don't worry, when I finished introduce B I will try my best to find their picture with scarf. But I guess maybe S like the simple wearing more than use accessories.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gossip Girls with scarves XOXO!

Last time I've said that I will introduce some collocations in the popular teenage drama
Gossip Girl.
Now let's talk about this.
Do you remember the time we first met Serena Van Der Woodsen? I think everybody should
remember this. What a beatiful girl with blonde! And at that moment Dan Humphery met the
girl he always dreamed about. But do you also remember Serena's dress?
I think maybe you have fogot it. Now you can back to see her dress.

That's a basic wearing. But when you look carefully you will find that she matched her
basic wearing with a golden scarf. Except the scarf maybe you will thought the wearing was
so cool. But matched it with a scarf. A beautiful woman's feeling comes out.
So we can saw this. When you'd love to wear a cool dress you can choice a bright scarf to
match your dress. That will make you looks more feminine.

Above all is about Serena's beautiful look.And then let's talk about another female role
Queen B —— The beautiful Blair Waldorf.
All the gossip girls' fans must know that Blair love headbands.We can saw the headbands
almostly every episode.Have you found that some of the headbands was made by scarves.
It was the Scotland Nobility School Look.Let's see the red plaid headband.That's a
scarf.And it matched the dress so good. So we can feel that there is a beautiful school
queen. That's a suggestion for all the teenage girls. When you'd love to put something on your head and you do not have a headband.Don't worry.The scarf also can resolve it.
Next time I will continue to introduce the Gossip Girl with the scarves.Please continue to pay attention on me.XOXO!Gossip Girl!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Scarf makes you fashional and beautiful!

All the girls love the beautiful thing.And the girls always hope that they can be more beautiful.But some of them are always been confused.They don't know how to do and what can make them look more beautiful.
These are some suggestions.You can get something fit yourself through it.
Accessories which match your clothes good will shining your look.
Such as jewelries or others.
But to a teenage girl or a not wealthy girl the jewelries are so expensive.Not everyone is
the gossip girl.Then how to do?
Don't worry. There still a lot of solutions.
Maybe the scarf can be your best partner.
Scarf is not only a accessory.You can use it as a shirt or skirt.Choose the wide tassel scarf you can use a belt to fix it as a fashion coat.The tassel scarf will make you special.
And scarf also can make you feel warm.With a scarf look walking on the street during the winter must be the best choice.
If you are a white-collar workers.Did you always confused with the work wear?Don't worry about that.The scarf also can resolve your problem.A fashionable dress with a brightly scarf will make your colleagues feel good.
So scarf is a good accessory.If you get a good collocation you will get a amazing result.
 Trying to use it and make it match your wearing you will be shining and beautiful.
Next time I'll share some gossip girl's scarf using method with everybody.
Thanks for watching over me!