Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Fashion Show With Scarves

After the super stars' scarf show. Let's talk about the fashion show's models.Models always be the fashion pioneer. So if you follow their steps. You will never been oudated.
Let's appreciate some models scarf show.
In this season scarf has been the most popular single product. So how do the models use it match their wearing? This is a blue scarf look. Originally gray sweater with a black
leggings maybe make somebody boring. But the scarf make this wearing differently and
Next is the most popular colors group. Black and gray. No matter how to use this two
colors. You'll never be wrong.

This girl use it as a shawl. The golden look seems to be a highlight.

Do you like this? No matter what you will say. I'm gonna say that I love all the styles.
Especially the golden one.
No matter I use it for a shawl or just a scarf it also can make someone's look brightly.


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  4. It looks great, nice to have for the season.

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  8. We have to agree and say.. we like all the styles as well, we are always looking for new way to wear a scarf.. great info!