Thursday, January 20, 2011

Queen B's Normal Life Style Of Scarf

Last time we have said some scarves of Queen B's.This time we will continue to talk about Queen B's normal life style.
Warm Winter Look

Queen B always dress brightly suit. The brightly color makes her looks like the sunshine. And with her beautiful smile everybody will loves her so much.

This look is also a brightly style. Bright yellow long coat look. Do you think that in the winter street this color will make people feels warm? So the brightly style is a good choice in the winter. And then we pay attention to the brown flowers scarf. Brown is a good partner to the yellow. So they match with each other very well. And then the effect will be good too.

This one is a leisure style. A leisure dress with a sun hat. Maybe Queen B wants to be a medieval lady.

This wearing's color is gloomy. But she use a green scarf to matches her wearing. Then the leisure look has a center visual point. So it looks very suitable. And the medieval feeling is much more than not use scarf. So if you want to make a medieval look. Don't forget to tie a scarf. It'll makes you just like a beautiful medieval lady.

Have you been tired about the scarves using method?If your answer is yes, then I have to say sorry to you. Next time I will take some interested topic to discuss with you.
Please don't leave attention from me.XOXO.

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