Wednesday, December 15, 2010

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A scarf is a piece of fabric which may be any shape. The fabric will not have been cut and joined or shaped like a piece of clothing.
Scarves are an addition to clothes and can be used purely for decoration. They can be used to add colour or pattern to an outfit, or more practically to cover exposed skin.
Cultures have devised their own ways to use fabric without the need to sew and construct. The Roman toga, an Indian sari or turban are ways to use fabric as it comes off the loom. They are all forms of a scarf.
In the western society, scarves are usually worn by women, the mans tie fulfilling the decorative purpose for that sex. You can see women tie or wrap scarves on nearly every part of the body to either flatter, enhance, hide or disguise.
The size of scarves varies from smaller scarves that can be woven through the hair, to larger scarves being tied as a sarong skirt. There are endless ways to use scarves.
The choice of a scarf is a personal thing. Attention needs to be paid to a colour which you know will flatter your skin and eye colour.
Your scarf collection will be built up covering different shapes, colours and fabrics. A selection of neutrals is a good base, and some brilliantly colourful designs add zest and life to monochrome outfits.
Silk scarves are an important part of any women’s scarf collection. They are beautiful to wear and upgrade any outfit!

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  1. Yup! I true agree with you. A scarf makes a women look really beautiful. Hope you too look beautiful wearing a scarf.

    Thanks for the article.


  2. You are right. The scarf is necessary for women. Like your blog, Divya!